My university, college, school, academy and other mixed   institutions awards, very mixed and various in description.

This pile is very roughly all A4 - various in thickness / design.

                       LATEST NEWS

      Monday : 12/10/2020 :

In the last month or so i have been very busy creating music, on piano, guitar,

with other instruments too. These are on my youtube / video forum all listed

below. In addition i have furthered another one of my mystery / sci-fi series and

some of it was quite funny even for myself, to create. I have now published

99 books, and created over 2,000,000 files, since Late October 2016, by myself,

so far. Many of my books are available, at or .com and these

very early editions, are very much free to view, and browse through, online,... 

I hope everyone enjoys my various quotes, songs, lyrics, poems, art and stories.

When i reach 100 books, the second editions (final), will be released, fixed.

Additionally, nothing on this site offers advice, is suggestive, or is, guidance,

This site was purely designed for entertainment and as i no longer produce

small individual poetry, quote and lyric books i will produce yearly album(s).

I am additionally continuing  my hobby  which is a combination of mixed

study which currently totals 710 completed courses. This leaves 9290 courses,

to be, scheduled, for study. I have been studying for a period of almost twenty

years in total - all in all (August 15th / 2020). I am currently crafting book 100 which

is due for release (published) on December 5th 2020. I donate much of my arts to charity.

Todays Log : Monday : 12/10/2020 : : (Philosophical Arts).

 Fred Worms Video Collection - Released Today : (04/07/20 -


Newest Betav2 Book - Released Today - v1.28 / Poems / Quotes : (14/01/20 -

   The last book, released, was today (09/06/2019) - (Updated Link - 10/06/2019).     


                                      (Year book 2 of 2 : For the period : 2018 - 2019).

My collection of public books, released (Updated Link - 13/06/2019).   


                  My youtube channel / videos, released (Updated Link - 19/06/2019).   


                                                             All The Best,... Brian,...                                                             

I was wondering what 'time' it was,... Are they talking to each other in the past,

present or future, or now,... When is now and what does it mean to each other,...

(The two pictures that are just below - side by side) : Revision 2.0. & v3.0, from a much earlier piece, v1.0. which i enjoyed writing / crafting,... In regard to this actual quote, it is not, as sombre - as it seems, or initially appears, as its about realising life should be best lived as well, as whats possible - where possible,...

             This is about that little unconscious voice, often found within - the back of, the mind as so to speak.

                                                  (This unconscious voice is often called the subconscious).

 This picture is meant to illustrate the dreaming mind,... The below quote roughly translates as,...

"Lifes greatest dreamers realise that great dreams are seldom dreamt better than when lived,...".

Although red skies, bring much change - great friends realize, that weathering someones morning offers the rather fair premise that they, will also share, their evening where it offers such celebration,...